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Series 31: 'Proposals for Conveying Convicts to New South Wales, also for their Maintenance and Clothing &c by W. [William] Richards Jnr’ , 1791-1793

Provenance note

Most of the documents in this series were previously located at ML A78-2. These papers, purchased in 1884 from Lord Brabourne by Sir Saul Samuel, the Agent-General for New South Wales, were transferred to the Mitchell Library in 1910. They were part of the accession which became known as the Brabourne collection.

The remaining documents in this series, documents 2-5, were previously located at DL MS Q158. They were part of the personal library of Sir William Dixson which was bequeathed to the State Library of New South Wales in 1952. Dixson's bequest was formally handed over when the Dixson Library was opened in 1959.

Some of the documents in this series include the original folio numbers assigned by Banks, written in ink in an unknown hand in the top right hand corner.

Some letters in this series were used by the compilers of Historical records of New South Wales, vol 1, part 2 (1892), and include some minor annotations made by the compilers.

It is now not possible to reconstruct Banks' original arrangement, the series has therefore been arranged chronologically.

Background note

The London merchant William Richards, junior, was the government contractor to transport and supply the convicts of the First Fleet. Although replaced as contractor for the Second Fleet by a cheaper tender, Captain Aiken and the crew of the Second Fleet's Lady Juliana were employed by Richards.

Richards presented the government with a number of detailed tenders for various voyages. He resumed as government contractor responsible for two transports to the colony of New South Wales in 1793. The success of Richards' contracts is reflected in the relatively low loss of life associated with his voyages.